QLAB SMS Information System

In this era of technology continues to advance in full swing; this progress is followed by means of communication at the same pace.

Even though it is indispensable for us in our lives recently become addicted to the users of mobile phones brings conveniences they offer.

The first of the models of mobile phones that is offered in conjunction with the Short Message System SMS service is used by almost every user must persist.

A statistical study conducted by the rate of only 22%, while reading e-mails, text messages reading rate is 98%.

Moreover, the smart phone is not in the hands of every user given the big difference in the short message is obvious that passes in front of the other means of communication.

QLAB SMS Information Provided

  • Managers, staff, and identify people who can send informational messages via SMS
  • Group SMS sends, each time to define the feature periodically contacts again, especially without having to choose to send your SMS with a single keystroke.
  • Bulk message references, as well as those required thanks to Manuel SMS Sending screen you can manually sending a single message.
  • Marriage anniversaries, birthdays, and the medical staff holiday, special occasions, such as nurses day celebration of the required personnel and send messages via SMS is automatically defined as a template, you can keep these messages.
  • Directly before the meeting participants can send an SMS message with a reminder.
  • GSM number of person who have applied for the appointment, which are registered you can send message to confirm the appointment. Send appointment reminder in advance of the desired day or so.
  • Again, many different statistical information defined in the system can send and receive at any time.
  • To make arrangements in advance with the timer display messages can be sent at a desired time.
  • Log (Record Book) thanks to the display of references to the status (sent successfully) to follow.