QLAB Supply Management System

Procurement Management System, as the name suggests, the first request will be made in the organization needs, demands the evaluation by the management , market research, purchase and examination acceptance processes up to, track and manage requirements from start to finish, while performing a process, has been proposed as a solution that you can watch.

These processes carried out in the legislation (the Public Procurement Law) was based on the meaning of and meets the needs of public institutions in this respect.

One of the major weaknesses of the process, the management of information systems is that the remote systems.

Manually performing a remote process management systems only provide jobs to move to electronic media, electronic media to keep up with your work are distant from the actors, especially in processes, there is an absolute necessity for gathering information into the hands of people.

Product; education institutions have a separate system that can be installed and commissioned in a structure that can be integrated with other systems.

So institutions, which already have a claim on an information systems have been used in the mechanism if they want to be able to integrate.

Inventory Management Module purchasing an existing process or terminated by sending the necessary integration of the product will be provided.

Document to form a word document in MS Office and Open Office products you manage content provides a very flexible structure .

Data is automatically generated templates come on formal edits allow you to make an unlimited way.

Supply management processes to archive documents that were created at the same time will also help in the process incorporates a solution.

Data is transmitted to the electronic environment of processes generated documents in the file storage layout offers.

Procurement Management System, the Public Procurement Act Standard by purchasing units in accordance with the Public Procurement Contracts Law tenders, direct procurement, framework agreement, individual contract and the acceptance inspection of all screens to be able to complete all phases of operations are available.

QLAB Supply Management System Features

Obtained directly from the supply management system, open tender, the tender negotiated procedure taking into account the differences in operational paragraph), framework agreements and individual contracts can be examined with all the stages of acceptance procedures.