Range of Advisory Services

The firm Foundational investments are designed to help accelerate the efforts of jurisdictions and others who are interested in developing consumer health information strategies.
The firm applies modern computer facilities in all phases of projects design and implementation as well as for office administration.
The firm has experience in design with turnkey based on conceptual or detailed design having one contract or several contracts;full contract management and co-ordination in both cases.
Most of the firm activities have been in USA and Europe countries and hence the consultantis well acquainted with the environments and conditions which require special precautions in applying international codes and standards.

Key Projects

  • Planning the scope of the Project Management Process
  • Project costs kept to a minimum to determine purchasing needs
  • Effective project management by performing surveillance activities during the project subject to the holding
  • The detailed analysis of customer needs the right product / service requirements elicits
  • Needs analysis based on the needs arising from the design architecture to create
  • Designed in accordance with the design , carrying out improvements to meet the standards
  • Enhancements to the appropriate test methods in accordance with the scope of testing plans
  • The integration of the integration procedures for the planning
  • Developments in the emerging business and in ensuring the quality of products
  • Developed product / product components validation provide customer environment
  • Validated product / package the product components are delivered to our customers

QLAB Consulting

  • Capability Maturity Model Integrated
  • Improved access to the competitiveness
  • Aiming to increase profitability
  • Our customers in the design process, the appropriate mentoring making mature
  • Dissemination activities on behalf of our clients offering designed processes
  • Providing support to our customers tools and equipment within the scope of process improvement
  • Prepare the controls carried out to our customers
  • To provide clients with high quality products with mature processes
  • Product development costs that had reduced to minimum levels
  • Managing risks more effectively
  • The effective management of projects takes place at the forefront of providing companies

System Analysis & Design & Testing Services

  • Customer requirements gathering
  • Reviewing customer requirements under the criteria
  • Expert opinions, standards, and related products to appeal to examine
  • Requirements grouping will be discovered
  • As a result of analyzing the detailed documentation of the requirements are delivered to our customers
  • We design the infrastructure for the sake of traceability of requirements
  • Requirements for the management of the infrastructure for possible changes that could offer our customers
  • Technical Solution and Product Integration
  • Alternative solution by contacting Elections, Make / Buy / Reuse Analysis realizing the scope of customer requirements
  • Developing technology infrastructure offer our customers the most suitable design
  • Develop the most appropriate testing techniques , test strategies , test environments by identifying the most suitable in terms of cost , risk assessment work products to be tested by performing tests with scenarios are realizing


IT Support Services


  • Our customers the best after-sales service and software , just in time to provide a regular and continuous customer satisfaction
  • Aiming at infinity of the service and the software planned and constantly evolving with a team of qualified and are committed to providing the most economical way to give
  • Quality of service offered to customers in the IT field with an understanding of policy and provide services in confidence has been a growing trend in the sector due to losing their customers
  • Our team of qualified and constantly evolving approach to the education and support of our staff as well as the law on the application softwares, circulars, regulations made for refresh courses are taught by our professional team
  • Training and support services in a professional approach to customer satisfaction survey work on accurate and timely execution of the office located abroad, the institution responsible for dealing with IT solutions to our clients or users performed crosschecked

Training Services

  • QLAB Software quality policy with the understanding and trust that the IT field, thanks to its service to customers for growing trend in the industry continues its services without losing their customers
  • QLAB Software in the structuring of regional support services, including individually in each of the 16 regions in USA with mobile teams on-site training and support services to customers continues
  • Call for responding to requests from our customers, by phone or over the Internet Center
  • QLAB customers writing custom developed web-based CRM Call Center , or by phone responded to calls from the remote access requests that can be solved with the dissolved over the issues that need to be addressed in the field are sent to the personnel of the service as soon as possible to reach customers is provided
  • Training and support services in a professional approach to customer satisfaction survey work on accurate and timely execution of the office located abroad, the institution responsible for dealing with IT solutions to our clients or users performed crosschecked
  • Site and call center services, including 262 continues to carry out staff training and support services

Integration Solutions

Bespoke software links them together to make your business run more efficiently. Having systems communicate directly without human intervention saves time and money.
Creating one standardized system also greatly reduces your orientation and training times. System integration ends the practice of having multiple versions of the same document.
When data is updated in real time across different platforms, everyone’s working together on the same page. If you need to process data from your specialist hardware, we’ll create software to enable this for example Hardware – the physical entity that you want to extract data from.
For example, a thermometer, camera, lasers, weighing scales, a measuring device or robot. A Sensor – a device that converts the analogue signal from the hardware into digital data for processing by a computer.
A Connector (technical term “communication bus”) to transfer the information between the hardware and a computer. The most common connectors are USB cables, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connections. Software – a program that tells the hardware what tasks to perform, e.g. what measurements to take.
We have extensive experience with several technical protocol standards such as (HL7, ASTM, XML). We have experience in framework integration, business process integration, real time data integration.