Collection Manager

Documented best-practice improvements in phlebotomy collections.
Reduce adverse events resulting from mislabeled specimens – Adverse events resulting from mislabeled specimens can mean increased hospital stays for the affected patient, additional procedures and treatment, and added medications.

Feature of QLAB Collection Manager

  • QLAB CM is an essential laboratory workflow component that integrates seamlessly with the resident Laboratory Information Management System (LIS) of the hospital to facilitate specimen collection by nurses, phlebotomists and doctors.
  • QLAB CM comes with its own user-centric designed Clinician Order Entry system or it can be integrated into the existing Order Entry system.
  • QLAB CM is a focused laboratory order and specimen collection software system which supports applications used by doctors, nurses and phlebotomists, specifically for the ordering and management of laboratory samples or specimens.
  • QLAB CM facilitates the complete automation of the laboratory ordering process, from the point of physician-patient contact until sample delivery to the laboratory, through the integration of a novel software solution and physical output devices consisting of wireless hand-held devices and remote mobile printers. Successful implementation of QLAB CM will result in a unique blend of technology which will ensure that laboratories receive complete electronic laboratory orders and pre-labeled sample tubes which are ready for direct analyzer placement.
  • QLAB CM also integrates seamlessly with the healthcare facility’s electronic medical records and laboratory information management systems.
  • One of the greatest benefits of the solutions is the efficient flow of real-time information that is critical to implementing effective and safe treatment plans.
  • QLAB CM will enable the attending clinician (doctor or phlebotomist) to perform an electronic test order which will interface and integrate with the resident LIS.
  • QLAB CM will collect and sort these test requests and present them to the nurses/phlebotomists as meaningful information to carry out their duties effectively and productively. As the patient appears at the specimen collection (blood, urine, stool, mouth swab) station, QLAB CM will facilitate the right tests for the right patient by ensuring that there is synchronicity between patient ID and tests ordered.