QLAB Laboratory Information System

QLAB LIS is a high performance, comprehensive Laboratory Information System that controls the day-to-day workflow.
QLAB LIS is designed to provide laboratories with an efficient and flexible workflow and help them to reach their goals of productivity and cost efficiency.
It can be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of laboratories.
It allows full process workflow automation, minimizes the data input and data retrieval time, provides better data manageability and lets the client achieves highest level of standardization and orderliness.

Category of QLAB LIS Provided

  • Planning the scope of the Project Management Process
  • Project costs kept to a minimum to determine purchasing needs
  • Effective project management by performing surveillance activities during the project subject to the holding
  • The detailed analysis of customer needs the right product / service requirements elicits
  • Needs analysis based on the needs arising from the design architecture to create
  • Designed in accordance with the design , carrying out improvements to meet the standards
  • Enhancements to the appropriate test methods in accordance with the scope of testing plans
  • The integration of the integration procedures for the planning
  • Developments in the emerging business and in ensuring the quality of products
  • Developed product / product components validation provide customer environment
  • Validated product / package the product components are delivered to our customers

QLAB LIS Modules

  • User Roles & Credentials
  • Patient Demographics
  • Test Catalog Management [ Single – Multiple – Package – LOINC Code – CPT Code ]
  • ADT ( Admission, Discharge & Transfers )
  • Accessioning
  • Bar-code Label
  • Specimen Tracking
  • Sample Storage
  • Results Management of reviewing and verification
  • Reports Management & Web based Reporting
  • Maintenance and Contracts Management
  • Specimen Round Time
  • Smart Worksheet
  • Auto Alerts Management ( SMS – email – Fax )
  • Medical Guide
  • Audit Trail
  • QA Quality Assurance
  • QC Quality Control
  • AV Auto Verification
  • Support HL7
  • Statistics and workload analysis reports
  • Interfaces & Systems Integration
  • System Security