Owner Speech

Dear Prospective Customers,
I wanted to share a vision that QLAB is committed to deliver quality healthcare services for patients and caregivers for all diverse communities and embark on a journey that will help nations to improve their technological capability in order to provide quality healthcare services.
QLAB is dedicated to information communication and technology (ICT) research and development (R&D) for the healthcare industry sector. We believe that it is time to deliver the best healthcare services for people in walk of life.
The only way we can make this dream a reality, we need to strive for ICT innovation that will deliver quality healthcare services for all nations. And with my 15 years of extensive experience as Chief Technologist at University of Medicine and Dentistry, and Quality Assurance Laboratory Information System Manager at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital , and educational background, I bring forth the professional expertise and research innovation to QLAB.

Technological innovation of ICT brings forth quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness for the healthcare industry.

All citizens of the world deserve equal quality of care like other advanced technological nations. In order to deliver this quality of care, there is a need for information technology (IT) infrastructure that delivers just-in-time clinical results to caregivers and treats patients accordingly.

We know that IT infrastructure is extremely costly and that is why the majority of small clinical laboratory firms cannot afford the high cost of quality services. Whereas large clinical laboratory firms who can afford thousands of dollars in investment for IT infrastructure deliver high quality services, but at the same time these organizations charge the patient high costs for the services in order to cover their expenses. Even with their current advanced IT infrastructure and software solutions that deliver healthcare services, our QLAB software product is a solution that outsmarts and outmatches our competitors in several ways- such as cost, quality, standard, and conforming to compliance requirements.

QLAB software solution not only delivers individual laboratory needs but also the needs of its caregivers and department of health to assess epidemic problems within the communities. Nowadays, USA and Europe and other developed countries institutions are still hoping for a technological innovation that will help to improve their healthcare system. QLAB looks forward to be the first of its kind to succeed in delivering quality ICT in healthcare settings.

With your support and enthusiasm to improve healthcare services for all walks of life and QLAB mission, I want to thank you for given us the opportunity to express our viewpoints and objectives.
Kind Regards

QLAB is a global software professional services. The company was established in New Jersey, USA of 2011 by Ahmed Kheir, MISM, MT (ASCP) the Chief Officer Executive (CEO).

QLAB is an research and development (R& D) company that focus in clinical laboratory information system infrastructure to comply with all regulatory agencies to enhance and improve the software architecture to satisfy three fundamental concepts: stakeholders, viewpoints, and perspectives and provide technology guidance and leadership to the rest of R & D companies.

QLAB is a subsidiary firm of LIS located in New Jersey, USA. QLAB mission is to optimize the functionality, scalability, reliability, availability and interoperability of clinical laboratory information infrastructure.

QLAB provide highly innovative and reliable LIS software solution to clinical laboratory clients.
The company’s philosophy is improving LIS automation processes through current technologies tools and adherences to compliance requirement of Accreditation Agencies; College of American Pathology (CAP), American Association of Blood Bank (AABB), and Food and Drug Agency (FDA).



Professional Expertise 

Chief Technologist in Clinical Pathology Quality Assurance/ Laboratory Information System Manager Software Engineering Computer Instructor – The Chubb Institute Computer Science Professor – Essex County College

Educational Background 

  • Master of Information System Management – Walden University 
  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science–University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Jersey City State College
  • Associate in Engineering Science – Hudson County Community College


QLAB Workforce Benchmark

  • Extensive knowledge in applying Project Management Book of Knowledge (Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Controlling) methodology and Six Sigma approach implementation.
  • Ability coordinates and assembles key stakeholders for selected tier projects.
  • Extensive knowledge in Laboratory Information System Solution maintains and configurations.
  • Ability to define project activities that includes scope definition, cost, estimate, budget, and schedule.
  • Ability to identify constrains and adjusts business workflow processes accordingly.
  • Ability to ensure laboratory processes uses quality system approach to laboratory testing that provides accurate and reliable patient testing results (i.e. pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic phases)
  • Ability to establish physical and environmental conditions of the laboratory for adequate and appropriate testing performance.
  • Ability to ensure that all duties are properly performed and applicable accordance to APHL, CLIA, CAP, NJ State Department of Health and JCAHO (federal), and OSHA regulations.
  • Ability to monitor and control operational budget.
  • Ability to conduct cost-benefit analysis on new procurement solution.
  • Ability to deliver project on time and on budget.

Technical Staff Professional Experience 

  • Extensive experience with software application development framework (Agile, Software Development Life Cycle) methodology.
  • Extensive knowledge in Object-Oriented Software Development Architecture Design.
  • Experience with several technical protocol standards such as ( HL7, ASTM, XML Scheme, and etc)
  • Experience with different type of compilers (Java, VB.NET,C++) and Relationship Database management system (MySQL, Cache, MSQL, Oracle)


To focus on improving LIS automation processes through current technologies tools and adhere to compliance requirement of accreditation agencies.


QLAB advances the practice and standards of clinical laboratory information system (LIS) to optimize functionality, scalability, reliability, and interoperability.
QLAB dedicated to compete with LIS vendor versus cost, support, and quality.


– Pursuit of Excellence
– Adherence to Compliance Requirement
– Transparency
– Integrity
– Quality


– Quality Assurance and Quality Control Module of laboratory practice
– Clinical Chemistry Module
– Hematology Module
– Blood Bank Module
– Microbiology Module
– Anatomical Pathology Module
– Quality