Finance Management System

It delivers a fully integrated range of functions, including:
general ledger; accounts payable and accounts receivable; comprehensive budgeting, asset accounting, cash management capabilities; and other dedicated tools.
As a core module in Agresso Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution suite, it places effective financial management at the heart of your business systems and processes.

Financial management system, accounting follow-up is necessary in order to perform the module system to be used in official institutions and organizations.

Category of QLAB Finance Provided

  • Rate Plans / Sheets
  • Bill Types
  • Advanced
  • Discounts & rate changes
  • Insurance or sponsor bills
  • Payment option
  • Deposit option
  • Bill print option
  • Audit trail

Feature of QLAB Finance Provided

Financial management system, accounting follow-up is necessary in order to perform the module system to be used in official institutions and organizations.

With the name of so-called Uniform Accounting System on Module and provide the link for the functioning of the institution certifying a program interface that has the functionality.

The report focused on the customer and on how the information to the execution of financial transactions, and are part of the activities evaluated.Contained in the administrative department of accounting practices, management of medical applications are kept under control as a result of monetary values.

Warehouse, purchasing, cashier and billing modules with an integrated financial management accounting practices are kept under control.

Taking detailed reports, financial management is routed; the necessary measures can be taken in time. The staff personnel, hospital employees with salary and benefits of all kinds of payment applications, registry information, salary and additional payments to be managed easily.Accounts Assistant (Debtor / Creditor, deposit accounts, etc.), institutions / persons on the basis of the current system based on collective and the bill can be traced.

Collection of receivables, payables payment period can be calculated.

Creating lists of weekly and monthly debt payments, monitoring can be done according to their maturities of financial liabilities, loans maturity differences can be applied.

Balance can be defined by the type of debit and credit balance control.

Payment documents filed with the documents prepared accrual and payment of the feedback can be seen can be done automatically.

The cut end of the day billing and collections is committed to follow the accounting balances of corporate receipts automatically converted to the accountant, Check / Act made following an integrated service, checks and notes are broken down by maturity.

If patients could not pay for a patient discharge notes on the completion of the approval of the organizing consultant provided.

Accounting Accounts and Budget Account Tracking can be done in an integrated manner.

Income Budget, Estimated Investment, Expenditure Budget and Benchmarking Definitions can be made.

Monthly and annual inflation purified budget accounts, the additional controls required by the user can be added upon request.

Budget Appropriation Receipt (Appropriation, Additional Appropriation, Appropriation received, given Appropriation, Appropriation captured) and the Appropriation Statements can be customized.

Procurement budget spending Report (Year, Budget Code) Budget Expenditure Reports (Budget Account Code, Account Code, Date of Receipt, Retrieval Method) Revenue Budget trial balance, (Term Revenue Budget Schedule, Budget Schedule Date Interval Income) Expense Schedule (Term budget Schedule, Date Intermittent budget Ruler), Income Schedule (Term Income Scale, can be customized.

Financial statements (Comparative Balance Sheet, Budget Comparative Balance Sheet, Income / Expense Statement, budget Comparative Income / Expense Statement, etc.) be prepared.

Inpatient and outpatient patients (patients bill) related statistical information (historical slices, trade, service and department) can be received.

Accounting Report Designs can be made.

Assistant Account Designs (Debit / Credit Report) Designs Budget Expenditure Budget Report, the Balance Budget, Revenue Budget).

The main aim of the financial structure to control, increase revenues, provide end-user support services, administrative management required period of time to produce results.